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ZürichCleaning, without reason and without responsibility. Any order placed and confirmed in advance must be executed at the prices displayed prior to the change.

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ZürichPutzen is exempt from any liability, except in the case of gross negligence. We are only liable if the treated item is subjected to a cleaning process that does not follow the recommendations on the care label. If there is no care label, ZürichPutzen expressly rejects any liability.

ZürichPutzen cannot be held liable for damage due to unrecognizable features or hidden defects, such as e.g. B. insufficient strength of fabrics or stitching, lack of color or print resistance, needle in the lining, previous defects, damaged buckles and buttons, zippers, shoulder pads, decorations, etc., or if the information on the care label is incorrect. No liability is accepted for shrinkage or discoloration.

ZürichPutzen reserves the right not to treat certain items for various reasons communicated to the customer.

Subscriptions are automatically renewed. Subscriptions are non-refundable even if the customer has not used the service.
Subscriptions cannot be cancelled.

Exclusion of Warranties
The services offered on the website are described and presented by ZürichPutzen with the greatest care. If, despite all the precautions taken by ZürichPutzen, errors should appear in these descriptions and representations, ZürichPutzen will use its best endeavors to correct them, but cannot be held responsible for your dissatisfaction. In particular, a misrepresentation or misunderstanding of the content is not a valid reason for a refund.

Each item is treated with particular care by our professionals; However, we accept no responsibility for inherent material defects that may result in tears or small holes in the fabric. Zuputzen strives to neutralize stains on each item, but cannot guarantee that they will be removed during the cleaning process. Zürichputzen cannot be held responsible for valuables left in the pockets of your clothes.

All damaged items must be reported in writing to within 48 hours Photos or videos of the damaged item must be attached to the complaint email.

All complaints are examined on a case-by-case basis. For damaged items, ZürichPutzen will check if the garment can be repaired before offering a full refund for the item.

In the event that an item cannot be repaired, an original invoice or cost estimate must be presented to ZürichPutzen. The value of the item at the time of cleaning will be taken into account. Therefore, ZürichPutzen does not assume any costs for the new value of an item, as age and wear and tear are taken into account in the reimbursement.

If the item is reported to the customer as “damaged” prior to washing, in this case the customer assumes full responsibility for any damage, loss of color, fabric shrinkage or other damage to the item.

Lost items must be reported in writing to within five working days.

Any item deemed permanently lost will be partially or fully restored based on the item’s estimated current market value. The customer must provide ZürichPutzen with the original receipt or an estimate of the recoverable amount of the lost item. An item is considered lost 15 days after the loss is reported.

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General Terms and Conditions for Customers is a company with address Altmannsteinstrasse 5, 8181 Höri, Switzerland

– The price is formed automatically depending on the number of hours

-Zurich cleaning deputy

– If the cancellation conditions are not met, ZurichPutzen will not refund the amount if the same cleaning staff is not available to our customers.

– The cancellation is considered to have been made if it is sent by email to

– The customer is obliged to report if there is a pet.

-The client agrees to the general conditions to conclude a contract with the specifically chosen plan (one-off cleaning, weekly cleaning, for three months and one year).

-The customer must pay first and then the cleaning will be done.

– You can cancel the requested services at any time, provided you do so at least 48 hours before the scheduled cleaning date.

-Minimum cleaning hours – 2 hours

-Compliance with COVID rules

– Clients are not allowed to employ ZürichPutzen employees in a private practice. Failure to comply with the current requirement can result in a fine of around CHF 5,000 under Swiss law

General Conditions for Employees

– Provides for hygienic reasons
Zurich cleaning workers do not have gloves available.

-The employee undertakes to carry out the order after acceptance. Otherwise a fine of 100 CHF will be imposed.

-Compliance with COVID rules.

-In the event of termination of employment, the employee is obliged to notify the employer 30 days before the termination date.

-The employee has no right to abuse Zurichputzen’s customers, otherwise they will be punished according to Swiss law (further cooperation with customers without Zurichputzen’s knowledge). And a fine of 10,000 CHF

-Damage caused by the employee to the customer will be paid by the employee

Currently the prices do not include VAT as the company is not registered for VAT. VAT will be added to the prices on the day ZürichPutzen is VAT registered.