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Cleaning Offices to a Shine in Zurich

Get the cleanliness and workplace comfort you deserve. The cleaning company “ZurichPutzen” offers you professional office cleaning in Zurich. Cleanliness and order in the workplace contribute to both the health and the increased concentration and creativity of office employees. For this reason, we have put together an assortment of services and plans that are geared specifically toward the business sector.

By choosing our company, you can count on receiving professional and quality service. While our employees are busy cleaning your workplace, you can focus on your core duties. We also offer you the opportunity to build a long-term professional relationship with several benefits for you and your business. When you hire us, you get quality service accompanied by affordable prices. Experienced staff is on hand to handle professional cleaning equipment and supplies. To provide you with maximum comfort, we perform the cleaning when it is convenient for you.

Take care of a pleasant and healthy workplace environment with one-off or subscription (daily weekly or monthly) office cleaning services in Zurich from ZurichPutzen, because order, cleanliness, and comfort are essential ingredients in the formula of a working atmosphere. Maintenance cleaning ensures constant cleanliness in your office. Our cleaning experts will give their best to achieve a pleasant and predisposing environment for productive work.

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Construction Cleaning of Buildings After Completed Construction

Every building contractor deals with a huge number of difficulties when constructing a building. But his worries are not over until he hands over the key to his clients. It is not pleasant for anyone to receive keys for a dwelling or a room that is full of construction waste, whose windows are dirty, and the floors are all covered with dust. That is why it is necessary to finish the last touch before handing over the property, namely to have a cleaning company carry out the cleaning.

From the expression “construction cleaning” it is understood that this type of cleaning is carried out after the construction part has been completed. Before one starts furnishing the home, a post-construction cleaning is necessary to remove large and coarse construction waste. Glass, windows, and doors heavily contaminated with building materials also need to be completely cleaned. The cleaning company “ZurichPutzen” will take care to fulfill all your wishes within the set time limit without hidden costs. The effect after the cleaning will be perfect, because the cleaning specialists work willingly and with a flair for cleanliness to meet the expectations of their customers.

The cleaning is carried out by a team of professionals with professional equipment and detergents. After this service, the property will be restored to an ideal condition for use.

Final Cleaning Before Moving Into the Apartment and After Moving Out

Moving from your previous apartment to a new one can be an exciting and long-awaited experience, but it can also be quite stressful. All the planning, packing, moving furniture, and collecting belongings can leave you quite exhausted. One way to reduce the stress of moving is to trust a ZurichPutzen cleaning company for final cleaning. This way, you’ll be sure that you’re not left with a huge mess and you save yourself the effort and extra stress. A professional cleaning will ensure the desired cleanliness and freshness of your home. The same applies to moving into your new home. 

Final cleaning in Zurich will allow you to move into your new home satisfied because everything will have been deep cleaned. It is a great alternative when moving and it will ensure that everything is up to scratch when you move into your new home. 

Hiring professionals to clean frees up valuable time that can be used to focus on other aspects of the move. Professionals will help give us peace of mind by ensuring professional and quick results that fully meet our requirements. So don’t hesitate, and when moving – hire the best company that offers a final-cleaning service.

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ZürichPutzen offers uncompromising house, office and final cleaning in Switzerland.

Perfect Apartment Cleaning With Guaranteed Quality

ZurichPutzen is a cleaning company for professional cleaning of all kinds of household premises at a fair price. We offer deep cleaning based on strong but gentle detergents and hard work by our professional team. If you want your home to be always clean and cozy, then the professional cleaning services of ZurichPutzen are the ideal solution for you. Whenever your home needs a spotless cleaning, our experts are ready to help. Our experts can help you in some of the most difficult places to clean, namely:

  • Glass and rubber seals, front doors, and window patches;
  • Any floors – as well as cleaning grout joints, bathrooms, toilets;
  • Luxury parquet flooring, expensive wood, upholstered furniture, mattresses and sofas, curtains and blinds;
  • Grease on stoves, fryers, and refrigerators.

If your dream is to live in a cozy and perfectly clean home, the professional services performed by our cleaning company are the perfect solution for you.

Detailed Cleaning of Windows

You wake up in the morning and what’s the first thing you do. You want to peek out the window to see what nature has prepared for you for the day, but what do you find…your windows are dirty and you still don’t find the time to clean them? Maybe you’re tired from a long week at work and wish you could leave the cleaning? This is a common situation with many people today in Zurich. We know that your time is precious, and for this very reason, we will do our best to make sure that you have plenty of it for you and your loved ones. 

Our close-knit team will lovingly take care of every detail of the windows in your home or workplace. Our company offers a one-time or subscription service for cleaning windows, storefronts, facades, glass doors, and surfaces, always with one mandatory note – a neat appearance. ZurichPutzen Cleaning Company has both modern equipment and well-trained teams to clean different types and sizes of glass and facade surfaces. Building cleaning is of key importance for any company. 

The contractors work with professional detergents and machines and are much more efficient in cleaning windows than the common man. Good preparation, equipment, and technique are the prerequisites for an excellent job done without compromise and without risks. When cleanliness is a desire, professionalism is a calling!