Our insights

ZürichPutzen offers the best home care. We value the important things like the quality of the work and the dedication of the employees.

ZürichPutzen is located in Switzerland and our customers are looked after by experts from the industry. We help thousands of people become successful. The end result is satisfied and happy customers.

Our mission

ZürichPutzen fulfills every wish and solves customers’ cleaning problems. The safe work of the cleaning agents is guaranteed with us. Our mission is to rise as a company that puts quality above everything. Valuable work is our top priority, as is satisfactory working conditions for our employees, so that the customers receive a perfectly executed job.

Find out more about our conditions and become part of our successful team of cleaners.

Our development

ZürichPutzen started with a limited number of customers and few employees. To this day we can proudly say that there are more every day. Most of our customers have become regular customers. They always turn to us when they need something.

Our qualities

For us, teamwork has always come first, and thanks to it we can achieve ourselves without internal conflicts. We approach every single customer and strive for seamless cooperation.

The development is driven forward with the help of creativity and initiative. We strive to always look for new and innovative things to be on trend. We strive to always look for something new and innovative to keep up with fashion.

Our employees are motivated and approach their work with love. They work hard to keep their customers happy. This is the real reward for the cleaners, because then they know that they have done an excellent job.

Our services

Office cleaning
Choose cleaning for your workplace. Trust our cleaning staff and make your office shine.

Removal cleaning
The removal cleaning and apartment handover includes the complete removal of dirt after the move. The cleaning and apartment handover includes the complete removal of dirt after moving. The cleaning is carried out at a low fixed price – this way you avoid nasty surprises when it comes to costs.

Construction cleaning
Construction cleaning is a generic term for various cleaning steps: the general construction cleaning, the construction cleaning and the final construction cleaning, also called construction cleaning.

House cleaning
Cleaning for private households. Relieve your everyday life and rely on reliable and friendly cleaning professionals. They clean your apartment or house discreetly whenever you need it.

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