How does it work?

How does it work?

Cleaning Company ZurichPutzen - Your Reliable Partner

Enjoy Our Cleaning Service in Zurich

Cleaning company ZurichPutzen is a leader in offering cleaning services. We distinguish ourselves on the market with a fair attitude and individual approach to our customers. With our cleaning specialists, you will receive a quality and professional service at an attractive price without hidden charges. Our standard is the engine of our services that meet the needs of the customer.

Our staff is well trained and armed with experience and knowledge in the cleaning field. Constant staff training ensures that every task is completed with quality and integrity. Each client and each site is unique in its own right, so we know that a unique approach to each one is required. This is why we offer individual site inspections and competent and individual consultation, so that we can take a personal approach to each client, as well as suggesting different cleaning methods to ensure the best results for your needs. You can rely on us for the cleaning of your office and home.

We offer maintenance cleaning and wood cleaning services that we specialize in. We are dedicated in offering the highest standards of cleaning by providing you with reliable, experienced cleaners. It is important for us to be a recognizable company that can satisfy every need of our customers with the best quality, reliability and trust.

How does it work?

You choose the date, duration, frequency and all of your cleaning needs. We will meet them. You will know your maid because she will always be the same.

Payment for the service is made after cleaning.

You can enjoy a clean and healthy environment in your home. Everything is cleaned to your liking.

What are the advantages?

As customer

As employee

High quality window cleaning

Whether it’s for your business or home – window cleaning is labor intensive and not always readily available. We can easily handle this with guaranteed quality. When it comes to quality cleaning, however, the experts have the say. The professionals on the ZurichPutzen team take a general approach to the problem, both to make day-to-day maintenance of the facility easier and to deal decisively with layers, stains and dirt.

Every company director or company manager wants the windows and shopfronts of the office, retail outlet or company to sparkle with cleanliness and affirm the presentable appearance and glamour of the site. Windows are one of the first things that catches our mind when we step into a building, and at the same time they are difficult to keep clean. This is where professional cleaners come in.

Our cleaning company has modern detergents and professional equipment for every stage of the task. Our work is strictly in accordance with the basic ecological norms as well as occupational safety regulations. Whether you call us to your home or workplace, our mobile teams of hygienists will respond as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Our equipped professionals can handle window cleaning on the highest floors or on storefronts with ease.

Why choose Zurich cleaning?

Each of our employees goes through a special training and practice. You will receive the highest quality of our services. We carefully select our employees to ensure your safety and satisfaction

Quick and easy booking to a professional

Maid. Depending on availability, we will send you a specialist who meets your requirements and your area

Digital application for cleaning management via a smart device

Our professional on-site customer service team is available if you need any assistance

Are you ready to become a professional maid?

ZürichPutzen offers uncompromising house, office and final cleaning in Switzerland.

Final cleaning of your apartment or house in Zurich

Your home is where you feel safe, relaxed and can rest after a hard day’s work. If your abode is dirty and unpleasant, you would not be comfortable indulging in relaxation. Any household cleaning is labor intensive and time consuming. Why not rest until the professionals at ZurichPutzen clean your home to a shine?

Put an end to worrying about the cleanliness of your residence by trusting us to keep it in perfect condition. To create the plan, you need to achieve the highest quality and excellent results, we build long-term professional relationships with a number of benefits for you.

Our teams undergo trainings, thanks to which we offer you the most advanced and quality services to improve your home environment and its health. We work with proven detergents and professional cleaning equipment to produce flawless cleaning results. You can also benefit from weekly or monthly cleaning, for greater peace of mind and comfort in your home. This way, you won’t have to worry about when or if you’ll have time to clean. You will be sure that your Zurich home is professionally cleaned.

Our experience, motivation, professional detergents and equipment will provide you and your family with the shine you need and a perfectly clean home. Rest assured that you will receive a removal cleaning from us with acceptance guarantee.

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Professional cleaning of your office in Zurich

Ensure the perfect office environment for you and your team by trusting us to keep it in perfect condition at all times.  A clean office is one of the main factors for feeling comfortable and increasing productivity. That’s why ZurichPutzen’s team of professionals will make sure the cleanliness is always at the highest level. It is trained to work with a variety of state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to ensure excellent results per the company’s personal requirements on every visit. Regular cleaning is essential to the condition of your office.

Years of practice has taught us how to create partnerships with different clients to understand the company’s goals and requirements. Last but not least, you have the opportunity to reduce the additional costs of maintaining your workspace. You will be able to take advantage of the benefits we offer:

  • Professional cleaning equipment
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Quality service
  • Compliance with your working hours and requirements